A journey to discover the landscape and culinary traditions of Sicily through five experiences designed to enhance the five senses. Carefully chosen to complement your special holiday in Sicily, each of the experiences leads back to the pleasure of food, from which continuous opportunities arise to learn about the places and the people who live there. The proposed experiences, with Sicily as a backdrop and an inspiration, will change depending on the season and on what you desire and can be for a single day or for the entire five-day trip.


A day together in a farm to learn about the history of the organic products that have made up the history of the Mediterranean tradition: from honey to saffron, from eggplant to aromatic herbs, from wine to extra-virgin olive oil. This experience also includes a picnic based on products, just like in a real farmer’s day.


Catania, from its baroque architecture and world famous street food: where the architecture is the backdrop to its traditions, such as the fish market, a colorful place where your gaze is distracted by the stalls laden with seasonal fruit and locally caught fresh fish of every type. A cookery lesson with the catch of the day and fresh bought produce in a breathtaking location will complete the experience making it unique.


The aperitif becomes an auditory experience: a lesson dedicated to cocktails and the preparation of delicious Sicilian tapas on board a beautiful sailing boat, surrounded by the sound of the sea waves. In its winter version the experience will take place in the sublimation room of an antique sulphur refinery surrounded by the intensity of the sounds and words of ancient Sicilian songs.


The Sicilian gastronomic tradition is a hands-on experience: a cooking class to learn how to make pasta or bread following the recipes of the island’s grandmothers: not only the physical making of the pasta and the hundreds of variations possible, but also in the art of conviviality and in the pleasure of being together.


On a lava field on the slopes of Etna, an immense park with secular trees, where the typical Mediterranean scrub lives in harmony with a collection of rare exotic plants. Along the paths of one of the most beautiful gardens in Italy, we will pause to enjoy the perfume of flowers and aromatic plants. At the end of the visit we’ll taste a dish from the Paternò del Toscano family tradition, and we will reveal to the guests some secrets for a perfect mise en place.


Places of charm, with cultural, architectural and historic importance, immersed in uncontaminated greenery on the slopes of Etna or in the baroque architecture of the historic center of Catania. Splendid, exclusive residences for a travel experience which stands out from all the others.


Food and beauty are our passion. You choose the theme of your trip, and we will prepare a tailor-made experience based on traditions and seasonality especially for you, in order to experience Sicily far from the madding crowd.

Weddings on the volcano

Begin your own fairy story and organize your wedding with us on the slopes of the highest active volcano in Europe. A magical experience that takes shape in a landscape frozen in time, made up of a myriad of sounds and colors.

Food & Photography

Tell your own Sicilian story with photography and food: the food styling and food photography sessions are held by professionals specializing in the sector, and they will be held in a beautiful villa with high quality seasonal and organic local produce.

Designed exclusively for you

You choose when to arrive in Sicily, we create a tailored-made journey for you to experience the best of many special occasions: from country fairs specializing in local seasonal produce to the Sant’Agata celebrations or the Sicilian Carnival with its traditional sweets and dishes.

Meeting & Culture

A location dedicated to meetings, shows and concerts tailored for travellers: an auditorium, a multifunctional hall, two outdoor courtyards and a charming restaurant area set in the ancient sulphur sublimation chamber.


Felicita, Stena and Teresa joined by their passion for the Sicilian culture, cuisine and landscape and inspired by the desire to tell a different story of Sicily through food.

This is how Sicilian Food Experience is born: a network of different projects driven by common values.

Capperi! is a cooperative of local producers whose aim is to make the excellence of Sicilian food products accessible worldwide through an ethical and sustainable approach aimed at combining taste and well-being.
The experience with Sicilian Food Experience is also excellence in hospitality; Villa Edera is a prestigious residence on the slopes of Etna, and Feel Sicily is a project that offers travellers three different views through which to explore the territory: an apartment in the heart of the historical center of Catania, an old grape mill immersed in nature, or an elegant sailboat. Sicilian Food Experience also embraces the Paternò del Toscano garden. Founded after World War II and today under the tutelage of the Sicilian Region Cultural Heritage, every year it hosts visitors and landscape architects from all over the world. To make the cultural offer of Sicilian Food Experience unique,we also collaborate with Zo, a contemporary cultural centre, and a reference point for the arts created just over 20 years ago from a former sulphur refinery located by the sea, just outside the historical center of Catania.